Quality Assurance


Quality benchmarks

BREDCO is synonymous with quality. In terms of design and construction, our buildings have stood the test of time and we believe this to be a litmus test of our quality benchmarks.

This has been made possible at BREDCO as all our processes from engineering, procurement, construction, operations, inspections and maintenance, are managed through a stringent, state of the art quality management system. In addition, we operate a 'Construction Quality Assurance Program' that focuses on preventing mistakes rather than rectifying them. We take pre-emptive measures in order to achieve our 'zero-defect' quality goal. Our internal quality specification guidelines far exceed those of industry norms.

Due to our process oriented approach which focusses on strict adherence to plan details, quality specifications, and timelines our buildings are executed on time and match up to the highest standards. At BREDCO, we strive to provide customer satisfaction and our quality initiative is one of the critical steps that help in achieving this goal.